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ValleyWorks Business Innovation Platform for Business Transformation

We provide clients with agility in responding to changes in the business environment via the ValleyWorks Experience Cloud®  capabilities.


Product OEM’s combined with deep customer insight

The ValleyWorks Experience Platform combines the deep insight engagement to work with end to end journey including,

  • Managed Services
  • Training Academy
  • Consulting Services
  • Tech Remote Consulting & Advisory
  • Legal Audit & Compliance Certification
  • Financing & Technology Leasing Pay as you Go

Data Utilization Service that Corresponds with Constant Changes in Data and Business Requiremen

Discover the connected approach to intelligence that gives you the power to accelerate business results and become catalysts for new levels of organisational intelligence..

The Only Converged Experience,  You’ll Get Whatever You Ever Need

Discover, Engage and Adopt the best of the Products, Solutions & Services.

ERP & Digital Core

Synchronize your business with ERP software from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Many More.

Data Analytics

Accelerate digital transformation with business analytics solutions and embedded machine learning that can help you gain fast and accurate insights across your business and implement new processes and applications based on those insights.

Cloud & Data Platform

Run your business in real time by upgrading cloud and data platforms. Redefine how your business operates and delivers products and services with cloud and data platforms

IoT & Digital Supply Chain

Our OEM’s & Partner solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), supply chain, manufacturing, R&D/engineering, and asset management (EAM) work together to help you maximize responsiveness and efficiency. 

Digital Content Management Experience

With a leading content management system at its core, our platform empowers you to market in context so you can own the experience.

Talent Management & LMS

One unified cloud platform to recruit, train, and manage people.  For modern recruiting. ValleyWorks Recruiting gives you the whole talent picture. Find the right talent with social tools, custom career sites, and a fun candidate experience.

Retail Marketing Excellence

Our retail specialist teams use advanced machine learning to enable informed marketing decisions and generate better returns – from media spend to campaign planning

Customer Engagement & Commerce

Transform traditional CRM software for omnichannel customer engagements. Partnering with World Class Product Partners to gets you the latest technologies to redefine customer engagements.

Artificial Intelligence & BI

Accelerate your digital transformation by taking advantage of the power of AI, data, and cloud computing. Begin—or enhance—your AI journey with our business platform, accelerators, and built-from-the-ground-up tailored solutions